Partial Customer List

Clients who have used: The Process of Professional Collections
Advance Collection Services

ACB Business Services, Inc
Alegis Group
AmChex Collection Services
American Agencies

AT&T Credit Corp. 
Baltimore Gas & Electric
California Student Aid Commission
Chevy Chase Bank
Cisco, Inc.
Citi Financial
City Credits Co.
Collectrite, Inc.
Columbia Ultimate Business Systems
Datamax Corp.
Collection Systems
Franklin Collection Services
North American Credit Services
Sony Corporation

Bausch & Lomb
Debt Credit Services & Assoc., Inc.
Detroit Edison
Dun & Bradstreet
General Revenue Corp.ECC Management Services, Inc.
Enterprise Recovery Systems

Chrysler Financial Corp.
First Union MortgageFleet Financial Group
Florida Department of Revenue
Whirlpool Corporation

Frost-Arnette Co.

John Deere
Apria Healthcare
County of San Diego
Fresno County Federal Credit Union
Labor Ready
Pinnacle Financial Group
Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union
The Wilbur Law Firm
Guardian Child Support

Revenue Recovery Systems
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA.
H.W. Ketchum Collection Service
MarCom Technologies, Inc.
Medical Collections of Tri-Cities
MJ Altman Companies, Inc.
Nissan Canada Finance, Inc.
Plaza Associates

Providian Bancorp
Snap-On Credit Corp.
TeleCheck Recovery Services
Trust Financials
Wells Fargo Equipment Financial
Wells Fargo Financial
Asset Acceptance LLC

Franchise Tax Board
Gila Corp
Moneytree, Inc.
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